Set the the project buffer and reschedule the project. 

A project buffer is an extra time buffer on top of the project finish reported by the Gantt chart. The project buffer does not act as a hard deadline but is used to influence the latest start/finish calculations of the activities (see the P2Schedule:get_latest_start and P2Schedule:get_latest_finish functions) and the corresponding activity slack values (see the P2Schedule:get_slack function).

A buffer and can be set as follows:

  • Automatic Buffer: The project buffer is always equal to the project finish. When the activities are shifted forwards or backwards in time, the buffer will simply follow.
  • Manual Buffer: The project buffer is a pre-specified date. The buffer will only shift further in time when the project finish exceeds this buffer.

Rescheduling the project can lead to conflicts due to activity constraints. This function returns 0/1 if the reschedule was a failure/successful. The rescheduling function can be put off by the P2Schedule:put_batch_calculator_on function.

I/O Type Name Description
input integer buffer point in time, or -99999999 for an automatic buffer
output integer result 0 (failure) or 1 (successful)
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function ()