Generate data for the project network and baseline schedule linked to this project.

Generating project and schedule data requires parameters to design the network structure and activity information, as follows:

  • Seed value: used by any random number generator. Use different seed values to obtain different projects
  • Number of activities: the number of non-dummy activities in an activity-on-the-node network. The activity numbers will be labelled from 1 to nrA. P2Engine will automatically add a start dummy node 0 and an end dummy node nrA + 1 for internal use.
  • SP value: serial/parallel network indicator to measure the topological structure, as explained in the P2Generator:calculate_topological_structure function.
  • Activity durations: randomly chosen between minD and maxD.
  • Activity fixed costs: randomly chosen between minFC and maxFC.
  • Activity variable costs: randomly chosen between minVC and maxVC.
I/O Type Name Description
input integer seed seed value for random number generations
input integer nrA number of activities
input integer SP serial/parallel network indicator, between 0 and 100
input integer minD minimum value for the duration
input integer maxD maximum value for the duration
input integer minFC minimum value for the fixed cost
input integer maxFC maximum value for the fixed cost
input integer minVC minimum value for the variable cost
input integer maxVC maximum value for the variable cost
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