Measure the topological network indicators for the project.

The network topology is measured by the following metrics:

  • Network indicator SP: Measures how closely the project network lies to a 100% parallel (SP = 0) or 100% serial (SP = 1) network.
  • Activity indicator AD: Measures the distribution of the activities along the network, from a uniformly distribution (AD = 0) to a very unequal distribution (AD = 1).
  • Precedence indicator LA: Measures the length of each precedence relation between two activities as the distance between two activities in the project network, from very close to each other (LA = 0) to very far (LA = 1).
  • Float indicator TF: Measures the degrees of freedom for each activity as the amount of topological float an activity has in the project network. This results in very dense networks (TF = 0) to networks with a maximum degree of freedom (TF = 1).
I/O Type Name Description
output integer SP serial/parallel network indicator, between 0 and 100
output integer AD activity distribution indicator, between 0 and 100
output integer LA length of arcs indicator, between 0 and 100
output integer TF topological float indicator, between 0 and 100
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