Schedule the remaining work in a given tracking period according to a retained/overriden logic percentage. 

Since work is often performed out-of-sequence, the original logic captured by the precedence relations between activities as specified in the baseline schedule is often violated. This situation can cause unrealistic deviations between the baseline scheduling logic and the project tracking Gantt chart, and often leads to unnecessary adaptations and modifications to the baseline schedule. Generally, there are two options to handle out-of-sequence progress during the tracking phase, as follows:

  • Retained logic assumes that the original precedence relations are still valid, even when activity overlaps during progress have taken place. This logic respects all precedence relations of the remaining work, but often leads to unrealistic long project duration forecasts.
  • Overridden logic assumes that an activity that started with a certain overlap will violate the original precedence relation logic completely. This logic assumes that the remaining work of an activity in progress can be done without being affected by its incomplete predecessor activities, but it often leads to unrealistic short project duration forecasts. This logic is also known as out-of-sequence progress.

P2Engine’s “logic” parameter can construct tracking Gantt charts in-between the retained and overridden logic. In order to have an overview of the resulting schedule, call the P2Tracking:get_start_after_status_date and P2Tracking:get_start_before_status_date functions.

I/O Type Name Description
input integer logic percentage from 0:retained to 100%:overridden
input integer ID ID of the tracking period
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