Set a probability value for a breakpoint on the duration of an activity.

Each breakpoint in a probability distribution is defined by two numbers, as follows:

  • x-value: time point in the activity duration where the slope of the distribution changes
  • y-value: probability of the time point. This probability is a relative number compared to the y-values of all other breakpoints. Consequently, any number can be set, since its real probability will be calculated relative to the other y-values of other breakpoints.

The number of breakpoints is set by calling the P2Simulator:set_number_advanced_distributions function. Using advanced distributions is relevant using the P2Simulator:run_simulation function with the advanced parameter set to 1.

I/O Type Name Description
input integer ID activity ID
input integer ID breakpoint ID (between 1 and #breakpoints)
input float x time point of the breakpoint (activity duration)
input float y probability of the breakpoint (any number)


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