Get the Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) to evaluate to forecast accuracy of the time predictions made by Earned Value Management data.

The MAPE is equal to average absolute deviation between all EAC(t) forecasts and the final project duration. Time predictions can be done by nine forecasting methods and are explained in P2Tracking:get_eac_time. The PME values are only available when the evm parameter of the P2Simulator:run_simulation has been set to 1 during its execution.

Warning: The MAPE values are average MAPE values for all simulation runs and not for an individual simulation run.

I/O Type Name Description
output float Avg_MAPE_PV1 Avg_MAPE_PV1
output float Avg_MAPE_PV2 Avg_MAPE_PV2
output float Avg_MAPE_PV3 Avg_MAPE_PV3
output float Avg_MAPE_ED1 Avg_MAPE_ED1
output float Avg_MAPE_ED2 Avg_MAPE_ED2
output float Avg_MAPE_ED3 Avg_MAPE_ED3
output float Avg_MAPE_ES1 Avg_MAPE_ES1
output float Avg_MAPE_ES2 Avg_MAPE_ES2
output float Avg_MAPE_ES3 Avg_MAPE_ES3
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